History and Travel at your doorstep… 

Finer Things Box is a unique historical and travel subscription box that transports you back in time! We specialize in bringing history to life through a sensory subscription box experience! Enjoy the marvel and feel the nostalgia of the past by experiencing the sights and tastes of times throughout history. Join us on an incredible time travel adventure… in a box… the Finer Things Box!

The Finer Things Box Experience:

-Experience unique historical eras every other month

-Relish in the gourmet taste of different cultures

-Valuable artisan gifts and home decor to cherish and share

-Pamper in historical style with bath and body items

-Get inspired and delighted by fine antiques

We are for history buffs and life-long learners of all kinds! We are dedicated to preserving history and celebrating the past. Keep history alive and learn about new eras and cultures in each box!

Every box features a unique historical theme exploring the finer things in life that brings you a memorable experience: travel to faraway lands, revel in the zest of exotic cultures, and time travel to historical period of the past! In each box you will receive hand-picked delights of the highest quality from gourmet treats to lavish home accessories.

We invite you to taste, create, learn and enjoy! You will discover and experience each sensation with detailed description cards of that month’s majestic theme.


Who We Are:

At Finer Things Box, history preservation is our passion. Supporting local museums, historic sites and archival societies are crucial to documenting our history as people on this planet. There is so much to learn about our world, not only today, but from everyone who has lived on it. We hope you share the same passion and join us in learning from and celebrating the past.

Passion in Historical Preservation

We encourage everyone to start by visiting their local museums – they need your support! Learning more about the history around you is a fascinating journey. Please check out these resources and support preservation efforts in your area:








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